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Hints and Tips for keeping your LBCs in top form!

DISCLAIMER: Safety First! These tips are offered as a guide only. Any work should be performed by qualified personnel, possessing the skills, tools, and safety sense needed for a proper job. All tips are based on hands-on experience, and should be reviewed by the reader before proceeding. Brits of the Hudson, LTD. car club disclaims all liability for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages that result from any use of information contained herein.

Brake Booster Refurbishment Option

To my fellow Brits... Here is a recommendation if your brake booster should ever need repair that was much cheaper than buying a new one. My TVR uses a TR6 brake system.

When I backed the TVR out of the garage this spring and stepped on the brake pedal it went to floor! It was fine last fall when last drove the TVR. Ugh. Although the problem was the master cylinder I wanted to also refresh or replace the servo/booster since it was original, which means 41 years old and 115,000 miles. However, new servos are an aftermarket brand and cost $245 to $270 from Moss or The Roadster Factory. Research via Google suggested that rebuilding was not a snap and very challenging to separate the servo chamber halves, and some of the replacement parts like the main diaphram and air check valve are not generally available. On the positive side, the Buckeye Triumph Club in Ohio highly recommended using Brake Materials & Parts, Inc., 800 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 260-426-3331. Their cost to rebuild was $100.00 plus $15.00 return shipping. Turn around was 5-6 days as promised. I am impressed. They have a good website that lists all their services and a pre-printed order form with a mailing label.

I attached their website below along with a picture of my servo after their service. You will also notice the new TRW master cylinder from Moss. I am back on the road and saved a buck or two. I hope this may be of help to club members.

Ted Cryer


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