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BoTH Gadabout Trophy - A Brief History...

Originally, fairly meticulous records were kept of who went to what events and who drove their
British car. At the end of the season, these records were tabulated and the person with the
"highest score" got the trophy. After a few years, the records kept slacking off and the trophy
was given to an individual (or couple) who had made significant contributions to the club over the
course of the year. There used to be some rules associated with the trophy, one being that current
officers were not eligible and that no one could get it twice in a decade. In addition, the "winner"
of the Gadabout was encouraged to carry the award to events and meetings while it was in their care.
The penalty for not bringing it was that you owed a round of drinks!

After a 2 year hiatus, the Brits of the Hudson felt it was time to dust off the "Gadabout Trophy" and, at the annual club picnic held on Sunday, September 25th, 2022, it was presented to George Atkinson. George is now the longest tenured member of the Brits of the Hudson having been a member almost since the inception of the club in 1992. While we don't get to see George's Triumph TR7 often, he is a regular attendee at our monthly meetings and our annual events such as the picnic and the Holiday Party. Congratulations George!

Past Winners
2018 Mark Heyburn
2017 Jim Allen
2016 Eddie Tamburo
2015 George and Helen Richardson
2014 Mark Waitkins
2013 Frank and Ruth DiMaio
2012 Ted Cryer
2011 Derick and Lorine Karabec
2010 Bruno DeVuono
2009 Gary Panarotto
2008 Dave and Sue Pendergast
2007 Steve Shuttleton
2006 Dennis Culligan
2005 Dennis Pantano
2004 Jim and Ruth Bottomley
2003 Shawn Herndon
2002 Dennis Culligan
2001 Mark Heyburn
2000 Bill and Linda Scheinert
1999 Kent Downs
1998 Steve Greenblatt
1997 Glenn Roy
1996 Bill Sharp
1995 Bill and Linda Scheinert
1994 Rich Linet

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